LOCH SHURRERY                              


              SEASON FROM                   SEASON T0               DAY BOOKING           EVENING BOOKING               SUNDAY FISHING
                  1st MAY                  6th OCTOBER                  8am - 6pm             6pm to dusk or 11pm                            NO

NO VISITOR BOOKINGS. The boat is berthed at the North end of the loch, a short walk from the parking area to the left of the dam. Fishing is allowed only on the main loch. Bank fishing on the loch is allowed if weather conditions prevent boat fishing. Also, no dogs, picnics or camping allowed. Please observe the rules as this is strictly a goodwill let and could easily be withdrawn. 9 inch limit.















     No. of Returns         Blank Returns       No. of Fish         Total Weight       Average Weight
                8                 0            65            28lb 15oz              12 oz